Ashon McCollin is an experienced marketing professional specializing in digital marketing, social media, and traditional marketing. Ashon is highly skilled in planning and executing campaigns with a tendency to use unique, creative strategies and outside-of-the-box thinking tailor made for each client as it pertains to their target audience. Ashon has worked with clients in industries that include: music, entertainment, hospitality, manufacturing, and small businesses.


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Alicia Keys "The Vault"
Alicia wanted to create a digital vault to share with her fans which
contained tons of unreleased content including songs, videos, and
pictures. Working with Red Tape X on the launch of this project, my
responsibilities were to help drive traffic and email sign ups to
The Vault website. Sifting through the massive amount of content
that Alicia has in her archives, a social media strategy was created
to drive traffic to the site. Adjustments were made if necessary
based on analytic studies, and a successful campaign was the result.
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MIST Harlem
MIST is a unique venue that includes a Bar, Café, Restaurant, and event space. Marketing strategies included: in-house programming such as open mics, film screenings followed by panel discussions, brunch parties, and premieres of popular television shows. All correlated with food & drink specials as well. Heavy video content was created for brand awareness. Email and SMS marketing for customer retention. Curated music playlists for each space in the venue was created to add to the overall ambience.
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Josh X
Worked with Josh X early in his career doing social media management, website maintenance, and direct-to-fan marketing, which was an essential piece to our overall plan since one of the main objectives was to build his fanbase. Worked on the promotion of singles "Let's Ride" ft. Jadakiss and "First Time".
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Grafh "Like Me" ft. Wiz Khalifa
Developed a digital strategy plan for the release of Grafh's single "Like Me" ft. Wiz Khalifa. Online advertising via Google display ads to targeted websites; re-targeted advertising; email marketing/blast to press and fans; and social media strategy.
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Just Ivy
Just Ivy was a new artist wanting to break through in the U.S. market. Worked on a digital strategy to build her brand, and music. Duties included: consulting on content creation and development, social media management, advertising through various channels: social media, video, Google display ads, and website ad takeovers via networks relevant to her brand. Developing roll-out plans for her singles and executing post release promotions.
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