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Here’s a great article Glosse Magazine did on me discussing my professional journey:

Ashon McCollin’s background isn’t like other marketers. “Taking the road less travelled by” may seem lonely, but McCollin’s services thrive because of the relationships he has built and cultivated with others in multiple industries. While others may decide to focus on a specific niche or area of marketing, McCollin uses his varied experiences to prove that he knows what he’s doing.

“I’ve completed marketing services within various industries and learned that marketing principles apply the same, across the board,” said McCollin. “You take your product, build a story around it, learn who your customers are, and you’ve got a strong foundation to work with. Then you move from there.”

Despite attending Long Island University to study another field, McCollin eased his way into marketing. He majored in Media Arts and minored in Business Management, where he learned a variety of skills that would later come in handy. Most of his marketing knowledge comes from reading books, and through internships & positions that, at the time, seemed unrelated.

“Music has always been my first love and I experienced the business side of music at an early age. I completed internships with different labels and studios. I also held an entry level position at 98.7 KISS FM radio station; working in promotions and on the street team helped me learn about grassroots marketing. I later transitioned into the hospitality and event management fields as the marketing director at a bar/event venue. While there, I learned what it takes to put together an event, and about the overall restaurant and bar business. I absorbed any knowledge that I could and took it from there.”

Without realizing, McCollin was learning all sorts of things about his future profession. Almost 15 years later, he is taking an active and aggressive approach at working for himself full-time.He’s found a love within his work that keeps him dedicated to it.

“I love the process, from creating a solid strategy to its execution,” McCollin said. “I love seeing the results of what was planned, especially if there aren’t any hiccups in the process.” This isn’t to say that no project has its issues; McCollin just appreciates those projects that turn out flawlessly. “There’s almost always setbacks, but a stand out project that worked out perfectly from start to finish was the roll out & release for Grafh’s single “Like Me” ft. Wiz Khalifa.”

Some big names that he was worked with on various projects include Alicia Keys and Josh X. To work with these clients, McCollin relies heavily on the relationships he has built over the years. “I know it’s cliché but it really is about relationships,” he said. “People want to work with people they know or that is referred by someone they know. This is actually how I got my start in social media marketing. A friend of mine who is a producer was working with an artist on the verge of signing a deal. That artist needed someone to manage their social media accounts, and my friend recommended me.”

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